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We are Grisea
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What if we could return the gifts nature has given us? By making mindful choices daily, we impact our lives and our planet. Let’s lead this change together. Let’s do it together.

This is our commitment.
This is our promise.
This is Grisea.

Beauty can save the world

Nature teaches us to recognize beauty and from her we can learn how to take care of ourselves through her essential elements.
Our beauty depends on the integrity of the environment in which we live in. This is why we at Grisea believe that to protect beauty we must protect the main sources.

We are eco-friendly, We are Grisea

In our effective formulations that respect the skin and the environment, we at Grisea use few ingredients, preferring those of plant origin.

In this way we avoid the use of substances potentially harmful to the skin and improve the effectiveness of our products.

Clean Beauty

Fewer ingredients, more natural essence.

Safe Beauty

Gentle yet effective formulations.

Local production, global commitment

We are a Made in Italy brand, but we feel like citizens of the world. This is why we take part in the challenges that our planet is facing, thanks to a responsible business model that is increasingly integrated into a circular supply chain, supporting the planet’s urgent needs. We transform solar energy into electricity; in this way we reduce energy consumption from non-renewable sources and CO2 emissions into the environment.

FSC paper

From responsible forest management

Minimal environmental impact

Ecologically and socially sustainable production processes

Eco packaging

Our packaging is recycled and 100% recyclable.

Our history is our future

The Grisea brand was born in 2019,  We are a young brand with inherited experiences and for this reason we feel the responsibility to build a better future, for us and for the environment.

Be part of the change with Grisea !


Save the Planet!

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